Zara Herringbone Balloon Sleeve Sweater

Wow, what a crazy time is is right now! We’re in quarantine mode over at my house, but I work from home so I’m usually in quarantine mode, lol. Mike is home too now though so Scotch is loving this new arrangement. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and applying lots of hand sanitizer. Mike has been making some at home and sending it to family members that couldn’t find any… so it’s like a chem lab up in here.

His birthday is this weekend and I feel bad that it’s going to be so boring. But what can ya do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So maybe we’ll celebrate after this is all over and do something fun. Either way, I’m thankful we’re all healthy because that’s what matters.

Outfit Details

Top (Zara, sold out) also love this one | Jeans (size up. color is “Don’t cry daddy”) | Boots | Purse (velvet version is sold out) | Sunglasses


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