Zara Tie Dye Maxi Dress

I’ve always loved maxi dresses. If you find one for your body type then they can be very flattering. I never like the ones with the shorts underneath that you can see, with the long skirt part over it… does that make sense? Anyways, those are not flattering on me… but this one I love, plus it’s under $50! Such a good deal in my opinion.

It’s so beautiful and I love how low the back is.

It makes me wish we had a tropical vacation planned so I can wear it again. I’m also loving this, this and this one ok and this one …. there’s so many good ones, it’s hard to choose! Side note, I love Zara but I don’t understand what they’re doing with their models. They have the most awkward poses which almost never truly shows what the item looks like. I also wish they put the models stats in the description so you can get an idea of the fit a little better. I mean knowing if the model is 5’6 or 6’1 is important info! Anyways, maybe that’s just me. Sadly I don’t have a Zara near me anymore since we moved so online shopping is the only way I can get their stuff, which is obviously why I’m thinking about these things, lol.

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